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We are looking for passionate, hardworking problem solvers to join us in Jollybee Binus Programming Team

We are Constantly Striving for Excellence

We are one of the powerhouse in Indonesia's competitive programming scene since 1996. Until now, Jollybee has sent many representatives to the ACM ICPC World Finals, and actively participate in many national, regional, and international programming competitions. We achieved this through hard work and perseverance, as we believe that these are what makes people achieve greatness.

More About Jollybee

A Word from Our Coach

Dear all,

Each year, Jollybee is opening its recruitment program to seek talented problem solvers, who are willing to work hard and spend many hours to solve some of the most challenging problem in competitive programming. If you want to improve yourself, solve many interesting problems, or collaborate with some of the brightest mind in Binus University, then Jollybee is the right place for you!

Some of you might doubt yourself whether you are good enough to join Jollybee. In Jollybee, we foster and empower you! We believe that excellence is achieved through grit and perseverance. I personally have seen many talents who have no background in competitive programming (or even computer science in general), but achieve success in Jollybee and tech industry due to their disciplines and the right training that Jollybee offer.

So, what are you waiting for? Take this rare opportunity and embrace yourself in a life-changing experience with us!


Felix Jingga
Coach of Jollybee


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1. Master Algorithm & Data Structures

By joining Jollybee, you will have access to all Jollybee training to enhance your algorithm and data structures knowledge and skills. Not only you understand the main principle behind every algorithms, but you can also use this knowledge in various problems to create an efficient solution.

2. Represent Binus University in various competitions

Jollybee has been known as one of the highest achieving organization in Indonesia’s competitive programming scene, and represent Binus University in many prestigious competitions such as ACM ICPC World Finals

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3. Notable Alumni and Industry Recognition

By being a part of Jollybee, you are a part of community that consists of some of the brightest mind in Indonesia. Many of our members and alumni has been working in many famous startups and tech companies such as Google and Facebook. And of course, they are willing to share their knowledge and experience to you!

Some of our alumni worked at:

Take a Look at Some of Our Activities!

  • All
  • Appreciation Day
  • ICPC Provincial 2017
  • ICPC Regionals 2016
  • ICPC World Finals 2017
  • Others
  • Training Session
    Training Session
  • Company Visit to Kaskus
  • Internal Contest
    Internal Contest
  • Photo with Bill Poucher
  • Photo with Gennady and Petr
    Photo with Gennady & Petr
  • Indonesian Delegates
  • Dress Rehearsal
  • ICPC Trophy
  • Talk Session with BINUS University Rector
    Talk Session with BINUS University Rector
  • ICPC Asia Yangon Regional – Closing Ceremony
  • ICPC Asia Yangon Regional – Practice Contest
  • ICPC Asia Yangon Regional - Arrived in Myanmar
    ICPC Asia Yangon Regional – Arrived in Myanmar
  • ICPC Asia Chung-Li Regional - Excursion Day
    ICPC Asia Chung-Li Regional – Excursion Day
  • ICPC Asia Chung-Li Regional - Opening Ceremony
    ICPC Asia Chung-Li Regional – Opening Ceremony
  • ICPC Asia Chung-Li Regional - Arrived in Taiwan
    ICPC Asia Chung-Li Regional – Arrived in Taiwan
  • Ideafuse 2017
    Ideafuse 2017
  • Vocomfest Qualification Rounds
    VOCOMFEST Qualification Round
  • Appreciation Day 2017 Horas Nusantara All Teams
    Appreciation Day 2017 Horas Nusantara – All Teams
  • Appreciation Day 2017 Horas Nusantara
    Appreciation Day 2017 Horas Nusantara
  • Appreciation Day 2016 Session 2
    Appreciation Day 2016 Session 2

Registration Process

There are two things that you need to do in order to register yourself:

  1. Create an account at VJudge (this step is optional, and do SELF-TRAINING!).
  2. Register yourself BEFORE Sunday, 20th September 2020 (this is a strict deadline!)

After the registration process, we will conduct two selection tests:

  1. Online Selection Phase 1 (via DOMJudge), on Sunday, 27th September 2020.
  2. Online Selection Phase 2 (via DOMJudge), date TBA (prediction: 11th October 2020).

We will contact you further about the ONLINE SELECTION process through your EMAIL, so stay tuned!


UPDATE : To prepare for these selection tests, you can study and practice through these VJudge contests: Part I & Part II. To enter the contests, the password is jollyrec2020


UPDATE 2: FURTHERMORE, To better prepare yourself, the topic that will be covered during the test are basic programming (whether you know about data type boundaries, can you do basic looping, how about your programming logic, etc..), and Mathematics & Logic (combinatorial (permutation, combination, etc..), basic geometry (line equation, checking a point inside a polygon, etc..), algebra (modulo -- such as what is 2123242 modulo by 7, etc..), linear algebra, a little bit about discrete mathematics (given a simple map, what is the shortest distance from A to B), etc..). You can use KUJAWAB, and look at OSK/OSP Komputer problemset. This will help you a lot and better prepare yourself.