• “In Jollybee, we really believe that grit and perseverance are keys to success. As a coach, I personally motivates each members to hone their skills through consistent practice and self-learning. We also empower our members by sending them to participate in various national and international contests. Based on my experience, Jollybee is the best community for hardworking talents to develop themselves.”

    Felix JinggaCoach, Jollybee
  • “Jollybee is FUN, and the current coach (Felix Jingga) is very generous! He often treats the students to a nice dinner with his own pocket money whenever they solve a problem in either practice or contest. There is a saying in Jollybee (not sure who started this): The chubbiest student is the smartest. Guess why! By the way, the current coach is undoubtedly fat (more than chubby), thus, he’s undeniably smart.”

    Suhendry EffendyFormer Coach, Jollybee
  • “Jollybee is a place where each of its member is being transformed from a competent coder to become an expert coder. I recommend Jollybee to all students who would like to be competitive at coding.”

    Raymond Kosala, Ph.DHead of Computer Science Program, Binus University International
  • “Great coaches, great friends, and great environments. Three fundamental factors to boost yourself to be the best version of you and Jollybee has it! Competitive programming feels like a fun and thrilling journey with Jollybee.”

    Jessica HandojoAlumni, Jollybee