Frequently Asked Questions

Competitive Programming

What is Competitive Programming?

Competitive programming is a mind sport, where participants are being challenged to solve some common computational and mathematical problems by creating a program using C/C++, Java, or other programming languages. What makes competitive programming interesting is you have to solve many problems as fast as possible, with certain memory limit and time limit for each program.

Where can I practice competitive programming?

All competitive programmers conduct their practice using online judge. Online judge is an online system to test our solutions. After running test on our solution, online judge will give the verdict/judgement. Your program can be considered correct (a.k.a. Accepted), produce a wrong result (a.k.a. Wrong Answer), exceed the time limit (a.k.a. Time Limit Exceeded), or some other verdicts.

There are a lot of online judge where you can practice. At Jollybee, we usually use UVa Online JudgeCodeforces, SPOJ, and Panda Online Judge (our own online judge).

What is ACM ICPC?

ACM ICPC (International Collegiate Programming Contest) is a multitier, team-based, annual programming competitions. It is considered as the oldest and the most prestigious programming competitions in the world. For more information about ICPC, you can visit the official website.

Is competitive programming recognized by tech industry? Why should I spent my time practicing competitive programming?

Yes! In fact, many former competitive programmers are now working in great tech companies such as Google, Facebook, and Apple. Many of our alumni are also working in various tech companies in Indonesia and other countries. That’s because many of these companies need software engineers and computer scientists that are not only capable to create program, but also able to solve current computational problems and write efficient algorithm.


What is Jollybee?

Jollybee is a competitive programming team consists of Binus University students who are passionate to participate in various programming competitions. Since its founding, Jollybee has sent many representatives to the ACM ICPC World Finals, and actively participate in many national, regional, and international programming competitions.

Why the name “Jollybee”?

The codename “Jollybee” was officially used after ACM-ICPC 2005 Manilla Regional. It started as a joke. There were 3 teams that were sent to the ACM-ICPC 2005 Manilla Regional, and 2 teams were named using “bee” as its suffix (“SmartBee”, and “TinkerBee”). One of its members complained the name pattern to the coach that time. He, with an upset tone said, “Why ‘SmartBee’ or ‘TinkerBee’?!?! Might as well we use ‘Jollybee’ instead! Here I do the ‘Jolly Jumper’ problems.”. After that, at Manilla during the Competition, our teams always ate at Jollibee, a well-known fast food chain. Because of that, after they got back to Indonesia, they started to use the name “Jollybee”.

Why should I join Jollybee?

By joining Jollybee, you have opportunities to develop various skills, ranging from hard skills such as algorithm and data structures to soft skills such as teamwork. You will represent Binus University in various competitions, as well as being a part of community that consists of some of the brightest mind in Indonesia.

I have no background in programming, can I still join Jollybee?

Sure! Even though it is nice to have a background in programming and mathematics, it’s not mandatory. There are a lot of Jollybee members who have no background in programming, yet they can achieve success in Jollybee and tech industry after they graduate.

What are some competitions that I can join as a Jollybee member?

As a Jollybee member, you can participate in ACM ICPC (International Collegiate Programming Contest), one of the oldest and most prestigious programming competition in the world. ACM ICPC a multi-tiered competitions that is held annually, starting from provincial level until international level. Other than ACM ICPC, we usually attend some other ICPC-style contests or participate in online contest such as Google Code Jam, Facebook Hacker Cup, Russian Code Cup, and Codeforces Rounds.

Who is the current coach in Jollybee?

Our current coach is Felix Jingga. He was an active member of Jollybee for 4 years, and now he’s coming back to Binus University as a coach, sharing all of his experience and mastery to current Jollybee members. Not only acting as a Jollybee coach, he is also a full-time lecturer in Binus University and CEO of Funkata.