Main Activities

Programming Competitions

As a Binus representatives in Competitive Programming scene, our main focus is to compete in various programming competitions, ranging from provincial to international level. Since its founding, Jollybee has achieved some impressive results in many competitions.

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Training Session

To improve our members’ skills, we held various training programs, which are:

  • Basic Training for new members. In Basic Training, our coach will give some essential materials regularly, then new members will try to solve some given problems.
  • Regular Training for all members. In Regular Training, we have various sessions, such as problem discussion, sharing tips, and internal contest to hone our skills.
  • Intensive Training for special occasions, usually to prepare major competitions.

Jollybee Gathering

In order to strengthen bonds between members and alumni, we held Jollybee Gathering. Jollybee Gathering is an annual event where all current members and alumni gather and stay together for 2-3 days. While staying together, we have a lot of fun activities, sharing sessions between members and alumni, and travel to some places together.

BNPCHS Committee

Bina Nusantara Programming Contest for High School Students (BNPC-HS) is a national programming contest held by BINUS University for High School students or its equivalent in Indonesia. As a BINUS University students, we are helping the committee by providing problem sets and all solutions for the competition, as well as ensuring that the competition will run smoothly.

BNPCHS Website